eLearning Platforms

Interactivity, dynamism and modularity  are all essential components to deliver distance learning training. The e-Learning COMMpla platforms are designed to take into account both the needs of the tutors as well as students. The platforms can organise courses into modules, publish educational material, monitor curricula and assignment of documents, have real-time interaction with video & chat : makes for a pleasant and cost-effective learning process.

The COMMpla platforms are web-based, integrated and modular.

*Modules include: (*All courses can be made available subsequently for users who do not participate live).

  1. Web Seminar and Tutorial on- line
  2. Classes in Virtual Classroom with blackboard & desktop sharing  functionalities, supplemented with elements of audio -visual interaction
  3. Online Courses to be carried out independently, using audio / video material recorded (as in steps 1 and 2 ) and/ or through digital documentation
  4. Integrated evaluation system, where users can conduct tests prepared by tutors and download participation certificates.
  5. Web Conferencing Tool for the organization of conferences using the web as an alternative to the physical event.

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