Thinking of buying a gift? Realistically whatever it is you want you can find it online today.  Digital commerce is a reality that in Italy alone in 2013 has gathered over 14 million customers spending more than 400 million€ (source: Politecnico di Milano). Thanks to online commerce, anyone can provide a parallel activity to her business which can now be open 24/7 as well as on holidays. Our clients challenges are also ours as we do not provide the software tool but we provide our clients with our complete knowledge-based experience around the art of online sales. Our ultimate goal is to enliven, through careful brand awareness,  increased revenue for our clients. We tailor make each ecommerce solution around a graphical identity concept and respecting & understanding our clients’ needs which earn the trust, authority & influence in the customers.


Legacy Systems


COMMpla’s management software is designed for small, medium as well as large companies that can satisfy all the requirements of administrative, fiscal, accounting, human resource issues and reduces both time and labor costs. Natively integrated with CRM solutions, e-commerce, business intelligence and document archiving can all meet both simple and complex management needs.



Customer loyalty is one of the key points to follow for those who work in Marketing. Trust and loyalty are established only through a continuous relationship between the organisation  and its customer. The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) helps companies manage business relationships, assessments, conduct marketing strategies & campaigns and decide on future strategies. The COMMpla CRM provides functionality to support the actions of real contact company-customer (direct mail, managing accounts , campaigns, leads, contacts, etc..) and tools through analysis of the information system in order to evaluate marketing strategies, customer loyalty and contact with customers.



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