Community development

Really understanding  who your potential audience is, is not an obvious endeavor, it is even more difficult to engage with them. For this reason we support our clients in analyzing their target market, we help them to identify the characteristics of their communities to convey targeted, personalized messages, also with the use of profiling tools and CRM (Customer Relationship Management).


Digital Marketing, SEO & SEM

We at COMMpla, design and manage complex marketing strategies working closely with our clients who we take pride in listening to. Our activity includes a thorough analysis of the keywords to optimize the code to setting and the monitoring of sponsored pay-per-click advertising campaigns, through targeting audiences, their geographical location and making investment forecasts. Our experience allows us to offer advice on the most suitable choices of digital marketing, the most effective messages to adopt and which technologies & solutions could work best for a particular communication pitch.


Communication Strategies

Communicating products and services effectively requires an excellent grasp of the language, impeccable degree of knowledge of the topic at hand, continuous learning & being prepared are all key to communicating visibility of your products & services & this does not mean through written text: Communicating through photos, videos and multimedia content, as well as through the organization of events & initiatives, all enrich the web and social presence of our clients and getting the right communication strategy to champion your products and services is a key ingredient.


Social media presence

The evolution of new media introduces new opportunities for internal & external collaboration in customer services, product, sales and community relations as well as with the general public. New media is only going to become more pervasive, and as such, prove to be a critical factor in the success or failure of any business. If you are present on social media networks it means you are ready and able to dialogue with your community. Just as any relationship your profile needs attention, dedication and time we go that extra mile in supporting our clients telling them, what and how to communicate to their community in achieving the desired return of investment they are seeking.

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